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Downeast Mobile Power Wash LLC is your trusted ally to remove stubborn, unsightly dirt and grime from your exterior surfaces. We're a full-service power washing team with state-of-the-art equipment and bargain-value rates.

For extra cleaning power, contact our staff at (207) 989-8848. We offer risk-free quotes for every prospective customer.


Professional Power Washing

Inevitably, Mother Nature takes its toll on exterior surfaces. Brand-new decks are bound to darken, and concrete driveways face certain grime build-up. When you feel powerless against the dirt, know that our power washers are ready to assist.

We're a licensed, full-service power washing crew with the expertise and equipment to whip your hardscapes and houses into squeaky clean shape. Our mobile hot water power washing machines offer variable power and temperature. With even just one appointment, we can restore your surfaces to like-new condition. Our residential clients frequently call us to service:

  • Driveways
  • Pools
  • Siding
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Garage doors

Our commercial clients reach out to us for help cleaning:

  • Parking lots
  • Valet and foyer areas
  • Concrete structures
  • Industrial equipment
  • Trucks and trailers

And the list goes on. To inquire if our power washing services extend to your outdoor cleaning project, give us a call. To learn a little bit more about us, why not visit our testimonial page and read the firsthand comments left behind by previous customers?

Quote Your Power Washing Project

We're in tune with our client's needs, and we know that you need not just a quality power wash, but a quality power wash at a fair price. We've made it our mission to provide just that: superior cleans at reasonable rates.

There's no need to book blindly, though. We show our clients the full breakdown of our charges before they commit to a thing. The first time you call, you'll receive a risk-free consultation and quote because we know our prices always impress.

Mobile Power Washing Services

We come to you—it's that simple. Our services are 100% mobile, even when we're servicing trucks and trailers, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Book an appointment time that suits your schedule, and we'll send our crew on-site with all the high-end equipment and tools necessary to complete the job.

We travel statewide, and your address could be next on our to-do list. Call today to book your mobile service.

Routine Power Washing

We're happy to help property owners with one-time wash-downs, but we also have a large number of clients signed up for routine power washing. When you know that your surfaces are due to get dirty again, you can pre-schedule our visits for worry-free washing on a regular basis.

To inquire about the rates for regular maintenance, give us a call.

Bangor's Best Power Washing Company

Downeast Mobile Power Wash LLC is the crew you can count on for top-quality power washing at unbelievable rates. With mobile services, affordable prices, and stellar results, hiring our team is a no-brainer—your restored curb appeal will be the clear and clean evidence that you made the right choice.

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